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10.12.2019 RUAG completes 72-month inspection on Dornier 228 (Business Jet interior)

RUAG International completes 72-month inspection on Bangladesh Navy Dornier 228 (MRO Business today)

09.12.2019 RUAG international completes 72-month inspection for BN's Dornier 228 (Bart International)
21.10.2019 En la cima del mundo (AeroErmo Revista Ed. 30)
06.09.2019 No nod for HAL-made Dornier-228 to operate in Europe, clarifies EASA
03.09.2019 RUAG modernisiert italienische Dornier228 (Flug Revue)

Pilot’s Diary: Ferry Flight to Japan (Smart-Aviation)

16.06.2019 RUAG's 'New Gen' 228 Becomes Even Newer (Aviation Week)
16.06.2019 Ruag Showcases Space, MRO and Aerostructures Capabilities (AINonline)

RUAG welcomes Bangladesh Navy’s Dornier 228 aircraft for 72-month inspection (MRO Buisness Today)

12.06.2019 RUAG Secures Heavy Maintenance Work from Bangladesh Navy (Smart Aviation Asia-Pacific)
11.06.2019 RUAG welcomes Dornier 228 from Bangladesh Navy’s Dornier 228 (BartInternational)
11.06.2019 RUAG welcomes Bangladesh Navy’s Dornier 228 for inspection (MST)
11.06.2019 Dornier 228 von Bangladesch in Oberpfaffenhofen (Aerosieger)

RUAG welcomes Dornier 228 aircraft from Bangladesh Navy’s for 72-month inspection (SDArabia)


Dornier 228 arrives in Japan for demanding ops (Business Air News)


RUAG Delivers New Dornier 228 to Japan’s New Central Airservice (Smart-Aviation)


Ruag Delivers New Dornier 228 To Japanese Operator New Central Airservice (BartInternational)


RUAG delivers new Dornier 228 to Japanese operator New Central Airservice (AviTrader)

06.05.2019 RUAG delivers new Dornier 228 to Japanese operator New Central Airservice (Asian Military Review)
06.05.2019 RUAG liefert vierte Dornier 228 an New Central Airservice in Japan (Cockpit)
06.05.2019 Ruag liefert neue Dornier 228 an New Central Airservice aus (Aero Telegraph)
06.05.2019 New Central Airservice receives Dornier 228 from RUAG Airlines (MRO Business Today)
06.05.2019 RUAG Delivers new Dornier 228 to new central air service (Aero Australia)
05.04.2019 Speed and versatility for military operations in remote locations (Tecnologia & Defesa)


01.11.2018 Comeback für Dornier 228 (Frankfurter Allgemeine)
08.10.2018 RUAG delivers new Dornier 228 to Aurigny Air Services (BartInternational)
08.10.2018 Aurigny Air Services hat eine zweite Dornier 228 erhalten (
08.10.2018 Dornier 228 für Aurigny Air Services (
08.10.2018 Aurigny Air mit zweiter Do 228 für Kanalinseln (

New Dornier to Enter Service (

11.09.2018 Island Links (Low Cost & Regional Airline Business)
10.09.2018 RUAG Aviation recognized as European Export Controls Compliance Team of the Year 2018 (EDSPA)
07.09.2018 RUAG Aviation recognized as European Export Controls Compliance Team of the Year 2018 (Bart International)


Piloot en vliegtuig Magazine Dornier 228 Kustwacht Netherland
19.03.2018 New MEDEVAC Stretchers for Dornier 228 (European Security & Defence)
28.02.2018 Netherland coastguard renews RUAG Do228 sustainment contract (Military Technology)
07.02.2018 JetSupport continues MRO Services for Dutch Coastguard Dorniers (EBAN Magazine)
05.02.2018 RUAG selects Aerostretcher for Dornier 228 (Mönch Publishing Group)
31.01.2018 RUAG signs sustainment contract with the Netherlands Coastguard (Armada International)
29.01.2018 RUAG signs sustainment contract with the Netherlands Coastguard for two Dornier 228 (Indiastrategic)
27.01.2018 Dornier 228 der Küstenwache versorgt aus Bayern (
26.01.2018 RUAG signs sustainment contract  with the netherlands coastguard (BartInternational)
26.01.2018 Ministerie verlengt onderhoudscontract (


01.12.2017 RUAG ist beste Option für Bangladeschs Marine (Wehrtechnik)
27.10.2017 RUAG Aviation helps TPE33 operators reach for the skies (Honeywell)
19.10.2017 Bangladesh Navy orders two more Dornier 228 (Janes Defence Weekly)
16.10.2017 Bangladesh Navy to buy two more Dornier 228 (Aviation Week)
16.10.2017 Bangladesch bestellt zwei weitere Dornier 228 bei RUAG Aviation (
13.10.2017 Bangladesh Navy Expands Dornier 228 Fleet (Smart-Aviation)
12.10.2017 Bangladesch bestellt zwei Dornier 228 (Flugrevue)
02.10.2017 RUAG welcomes Partners to Dornier 228 Operators Conference (Bart International)
02.10.2017 Dornier 228 Betreiber-Kongress zeigt Wünsche und Möglichkeiten (Aerosieger)
04.09.2017 Ein Flugzeug für alle Fälle (Wehrtechnik)
03.08.2017 Australia's GAM Air Sees Opportunity To Do More Air Tours Using Dornier 228s (Smart-Aviation)
03.08.2017 How GAM Air’s Search & Rescue Mission Came About By Accident (Smart-Aviation)
03.07.2017 Velocidad, versatilidad, capacidad, bajo costo (Tecnologia Militar)
26.06.2017 Partner, ein Leben lang (Wehrtechnik)
27.04.2017 Ruag Upgrades, Reopens Engine Shop in Stans (AIN)
27.04.2017 RUAG streamlines TPE331 engine shop (Bart International)

Aviointeriors to develop Dornier 228 seat within 26 weeks (Aircraft Interiors International)

27.03.2017 LIMA 2017: Dornier 228 in box seat for Malaysian MPA? (Shephard)
24.04.2017 RUAG apuesta por el Dornier 228 para hacerse el mercado STOL en América Latina (IndoDefensa)
22.03.2017 LIMA: RUAG eyes on Dornier 228 sales, builds local MRO Capabilities (FlightGlobal)
22.03.2017 RUAG pitches 228 as MPA and Commuter ACT for Malaysia (ADJ)
21.03.2017 RUAG Aviation eyes RTN Dornier 228 upgrade (Thai Armed Forces)
21.03.2017 Relife for Dornier 228 Turboprop-twin (APAR) 
02.03.2017 RUAG propses light SAR Option (ADM)
28.02.2017 AVALON 2017; Show Daily
10.01.2017 RUAG opens new Dornier 228 ASC in Switzerland

RUAG expands Dornier 228 ASC capabilities


RUAG Aviation mit neuem Servicecenter für Dornier 228


16.12.2016 Dritte Dornier 228 für NCA nach Japan (
15.12.2016 RUAG delivers third Dornier 228 New Series production to NCA (BartInternational)
24.10.2016 Dornier 228 - A Swiss army knife for Africa (SA Flyer)
08.09.2016 Dornier 228 - Um avião de transporte multimissão Made in Germany para a Aviação do Exército (Technologia e Defesa)
01.09.2016 RUAG - Flourishing Collaboration with Turkish Industry Partners (Defence Turkey)
29.07.2016 RUAG helps Island stay connected
29.07.2016 RUAG boekt opnieuw orders voor Do 228
28.07.2016 RUAG Takes New order for 2 Dornier 228 Aircraft
13.07.2016 RUAG gets Do228 off to flying start in USA
13.07.2016 Markteinführung in den USA: RUAG erhält FAA-Zulassung für Dornier 228
12.07.2016 RUAG brings Dornier 228 to North american aviation market
12.07.2016 RUAG met Do 228-212 nar Amerikaanse markt
12.07.2016 RUAG Dornier Do228: certificado por la FAA, y con distribuidor en EEUU
12.07.2016 Dornier 228-212: FAA Zulassung für modernisiertes Flugzeug
12.07.2016 RUAG snares FAA approval
12.07.2016 RUAG verkauft Dornier nach Japan
12.07.2016 Japan`s NCA Expands it`s Dornier 228 Fleet, orders additional aircraft
26.04.2016 Rückflug von Verkaufstour Dornier-228-Demonstrator hilft bei Suche vor Kap Verde
25.04.2016 Dornier 228 - Para America Latina, com amor
25.04.2016 Versatilidad para America Latina
04.04.2016 Mit der "Mupfl" auf Tour durch Lateinamerika
04.04.2016 El tour dornier 228 en Lima
17.03.2016 RUAG's Dornier 228: The Centre of Attention in Colombia
15.03.2016 Dornier 228’s Tour Continues with Success
14.03.2016 Dornier 228NG en Colombia
02.03.2016 RUAG's Dornier 228 on its Latin America Demo Tour
02.03.2016 RUAG-Werbeaktion in zehn Staaten Dornier 228 auf LATAM-Tour
02.03.2016 El Dornier 228 comenzo su tour por america latina
02.03.2016 Photos from the First Few Days of The RUAG Dornier 228 Tour
02.03.2016 RUAG's Dornier 228 on its Latin America Demo Tour
02.03.2016 RUAG Starts Dornier 228 Latin American Tour