Construction & Fuselage

Construction and Fuselage...

The structure of the fuselage is a conventional alloy construction (non-pressurized fuselage).

The structure of the wing is new technology. While a conventional wing has a main and a secondary spar, ribs and stringers and sheet metal skin – rivited together – the Dornier 228 wing structure is a box formed from four integrally milled alloy panels. Leading edge is conventional alloy sheet metal with ribs and stringers, trailing edge and fowler flaps are made from Cevlar.

Key advantages

Square cross-section and volume

  • Allow for large operator console(s) and still guarantee safe egress path
  • Floor structure offering several spot for sensors installation without a need for structural reinforcements
  • Flat bottom and side for easy sensors integration and low fuselage interference
  • Retractable gear allowing for unobstructed 360° radar scan
  • Aft cargo area configurable and accessible in flight (drop-hole possible)
  • 30 second quick change pax/cargo door
  • Roller door, openable in flight (optional)