Certification Basis


The Dornier 228 is the only 3rd-generation aircraft in its class and has been natively designed to the FAR23/CS23 commuter category airworthiness standard, which gives safety margin equivalent to transport category aircraft.
Its advanced design provides the Dornier 228 with unmatched performance, payload capacity, operational flexibility and efficiency.

The Dornier 228 success is proven by over four million hours flown to date. Based on continuous improvements and innovations the Dornier 228 offers a high level of safety, even in its standard version, and is one of the most reliable aircraft in the world with its perfect mix of a mature design and innovative technologies.

Due to its advanced aerodynamics, the Dornier 228 is able to match or exceed the STOL performance of competitors on the same payload, while cruising up to 50 kts faster.