Pilot & Crew Training Courses


Pilot and crew training courses were a hot topic during the 2017 Operator Conference. And for good reason. We’ve taken your constructive feedback seriously and designed a package of various training courses developed to support your Dornier 228 pilots and crew and enhance safe operations.

Join us for courses at our facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen, or schedule courses at your center of operations. Either way, you’ll have direct access to the latest in Dornier 228 technical and operational knowledge and mission-specific procedures.

Notably, when you choose to schedule your training in Oberpfaffenhofen, the various flight trainings can be fulfilled in our aircraft, allowing your own aircraft to keep flying according to schedule.

Enhance pilot and crew performance with unique and customized training courses designed specifically for the Dornier 228, by your Dornier 228 OEM, for best practices in various operating scenarios.

Training program overview

Upcoming courses

Customized Sea Survival course
The training provides participants with realistic scenarios in a safe and secure
environment, including underwater escape exercises and techniques specially
developed for the Dornier 228. The two-day module includes classroom
instruction and in-pool exercises in different weather scenarios using a unique
cockpit/fuselage training device.

Upcoming trainings:

  • 10.06 + 11.06 .2020
  • 16.09 + 17.09.2020


Maintenance Check Flight Training

Highly developed Level A certification training.

Verify adequate maintenance on your own Dornier 228 with specially designed courses for pilots and crew.
Level A maintenance check flights, according to EASA Regulation 965/2012, Annex VIII, Subpart E, Section 5 MCF, lets you ensure all processes and functions are operating correctly so you are prepared for continuous and safe operations.

Dornier 228 Level A training features carefully designed modules with both classroom work and in-flight training.

Upcoming trainings: Scheduled according to your needs

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