Multirole Cabin Layout

Rectangular cross-section – optimal layout for best possible use of cabin space...

Designed with the user and mission in mind, the cabin’s optimal rectangular cross-section makes the installation of equipment – even large operator consoles – a simple task. It also provides the crew with a high level of manoeuvrability and comfort inside the cabin and ensures a safe path for crew evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Cabin area designed for three-shift operation

Thanks to its cabin design, the Dornier 228 is well-suited for long missions requiring crew shifts. Its long cabin can easily accommodate multiple work stations and observer seats, with room for a rest area and space to meet the crew’s physiological needs.

Superb versatility

The cabin can be equipped with various combinations of forward and side facing seats; double stretcher as well as intensive care stations. The ambulance transport layout may be easily combined with trooper and paratrooper transport layout.

Impressive cargo capacity

Seats can be quickly removed to convert the cabin for cargo transportation; to ease loading the normal passenger door can be opened sideway, which together with the adjacent door, creates a massive opening for bulky or heavy cargo.