Multirole Platform


The Dornier 228 is the most advanced aircraft in its class, offering unsurpassed effectiveness and efficiency with superb versatility. This is why authorities all over the world count on it when it comes to demanding special missions of various kinds.

Key features are the long range, high utilization rates and high payload – and all this at impressively low operational costs. With the aircraft state-of-the-art technology, pilots are able to maintain superior situation awareness in the most demanding missions. No other plane in this category combine safety and efficiency to the level offered by the Dornier 228.

Best platform in its class

Operational advantages

  • Speed performance: high speed cruise and range of operating speeds
  • Endurance: up to 10 hours loitering
  • Range: well in excess of 1000 Nm with a significant payload
  • Productivity and flexibility: largest payload/range envelope

Economic advantages

  • Lowest fuel consumption per Nm
  • Lowest operating cost per Nm

Mission advantages

  • Equipment installation flexibility – large square cabin cross-section
  • UNIVERSAL® military grade avionics

Payload advantages

  • PAX space/seating comfort in individual seats
  • Cargo transportation volume and loading
  • Cargo/PAX versatility
  • Quick swap cargo door