Newsletter, Issue 4...


Your Dornier 228 is ready. In fact, your Dornier 228 is a trusted resource – almost like a best friend for operational success. When the situation calls for versatility, performance, reliability and endurance, your Dornier 228 is ready. And, when conditions demand safety, stability, and agility, your Dornier 228 is ready, then too.  FlyDornier228, Issue 4, is all about real readiness – ready for a challenging search and recovery mission, ready for timely ADS-B Out compliance, ready for a positive and comfortable passenger experience.

FlyDornier228_First responder to a maritime emergency_Issue4
Ticking all the performance boxes, the Dornier 228 assisted fellow operators, the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies (Germany) and the Netherlands Coastguard, during a container ship emergency on the North Sea. Discover more
FlyDornier228_Just the facts on ADS-B out_Issue4
Fact: Dornier 228 aircraft, registered and operating within European airspace, must comply with the EASA ADS-B out mandates, which may include EHS and ELS parameters, taking effect on 7 June 2020. Discover more
FlyDornier228_Ready to ramp up passenger comfort_Issue4
Even if your Dornier 228 fleet is your customers’ only travel alternative, you still want to encourage a positive experience. Discover More

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