Vertical stabilizer solution – Follow our progress.


The story – urgent request for a new vertical stabilizer
Corrosion findings beyond acceptable airworthiness limits grounded a Dornier 228 belonging to a fellow operator. They contacted us to purchase a new vertical stabilizer – a spare part we manage to have on stock. The ideal solution to ensure an OEM-compliant and airworthy solution requires mounting the new vertical stabilizer by using a jig. For, without the OEM jig to hold the new vertical stabilizer tightly in place, and then guide the tool for the part’s precision alignment, a successful fit is almost impossible.

The Dornier 228 customer support team recognised the urgency of the operator’s situation; although using an OEM jig in the field was out of the question, the operator needed a solution immediately.

The challenge – complete solution accomplished in three days
The challenge was to design a process that successfully recreated jig conditions, anywhere in the field. Foremost, the process must make it possible to achieve reliable accuracy and function in order to fulfil airworthiness requirements. At the same time, any viable OEM-solution must allow the operator’s technical team to implement the solution themselves, relying on their own capabilities and expertise on site.

Immediately, Dornier 228 customer support gathered RUAG service engineers and technical specialists together in one room at the Dornier 228 facility, in Oberpfaffenhofen, to begin the demanding task of designing a new OEM process for recreating jig conditions in the field. A breakthrough occurred within the span of just three days resulting in the Dornier 228 team developing and issuing  OEM instructions for the operator’s technical team to follow.

The correct installation of the new vertical stabilizer followed, and because the Dornier 228 team had officially issued  the OEM procedure as a Service Problem Report, the operator’s CAMO could sign off and release the aircraft for its successful test flight

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