New lifetime extension policy

Extend the life of your Dornier 228 Classic airframe to its full potential within a standardized fixed-price structure. Our lifetime extension policy now tracks the airframe and wing separately....

More flying, less cost
You said we needed to revise our lifetime extension policy. We listened during our talks at the 2017 Dornier 228 Operator Conference and we understood - either we significantly reduce the costs associated with the Dornier 228 lifetime extension policy, or the decision to scrap an aging airframe even before its service life ends actually would become your more cost-effective solution.

Airframe and wing are now tracked independently
Supporting you in keeping your Dornier 228 flying as long as possible takes priority. Our decision to track the flight cycles on the airframe independently of the limited flight cycles available for the wing extends the life of your Dornier 228 airframe. Going forward you are able to make the most of your airframe over its full life and, most importantly, fly your aircraft longer.

Standardized fixed-price structure, three levels only
Successfully establishing separate tracking processes for the airframe and wing ensures you immediately benefit from lower costs and improved profitability. And we’ve gone another step further to provide even more savings. The new, streamlined Dornier 228 lifetime extension policy is defined by only three fixed-price levels. Easily identifiable, you can rely on the standardized pricing to extend the life of each Dornier 228 Classic airframe to its maximum life.

Dornier 228 Classic airframes are categorized according to their serial numbers. Lifetime extension pricing is fixed, barring pre-existing and specific limitations and agreements:

  • Dornier 228 -100/-200 & -212 (above serial number 1190) 
    priced at EURO 85’000
  • Dornier 228 -101/-201 & -201 (K) 
    priced at EURO 125’000
  • Dornier 228 -202/-202 (K) & -212 (below serial number 1191)
    priced at EURO 165’000 

Straightforward process
Access to the new Dornier 228 lifetime extension policy is only available from the Dornier 228 OEM Customer Support team. We provide the requisite inspection instructions for the lifetime extension process, including the airframe check requirements, and will then issue the supporting engineering order or repair approval sheet (RAS). Service Bulletins (SB), documentation and/or paperwork will be delivered upon the successful completion of the lifetime extension application and process. Your own CAMO does the rest.