Preserve value and highlight your success

Enhance your image and protect your aircraft. Customizing the exterior of your Dornier 228 ensures your brand and your aircraft get the attention they deserve. ...

Save costs and preserve value
Experts agree that several thousands of flight cycles, combined with environmental influences, can take their toll on your aircraft’s exterior surface. And as our new lifetime extension policy adds longevity to your Dornier 228 airframe, paying close attention to its exterior condition ensures your Dornier 228 is able to successfully fulfill its maximum life.

Periodic aircraft painting is your opportunity to take a good look beneath the layers to ensure your airframe remains sound and safe to fly. Aircraft painting is also an excellent resource for preserving aircraft value and benefiting from long-term savings.

Part of our one-stop shop services, our dedicated in-house aircraft painting shop specializes in Dornier 228, as well as customized liveries. Planning to combine support services like aircraft painting during your Dornier 228’s scheduled heavy maintenance visit to our facilities allows you to optimize your downtime to save time and costs.

Recognition increases demand
Refreshing the exterior of your aircraft is also a good time to update the image you present to your world. Your Dornier 228 ensures the success of your mission, flight after flight.

Highlight this success and emphasize who you are. Customizing the exterior of your aircraft with your logo, your group’s name or your design allows your Dornier 228, your mission and your organization to be easily identified. This way, first impressions become positive impressions, and missions and operations remain clear and familiar, boosting productivity.