Ready to ramp up passenger comfort

Even if your Dornier 228 fleet is your customers’ only travel alternative, you still want to encourage a positive experience....

How do your passengers rate their experience with you and your Dornier 228?

Consider your reviews on social media. Your operations benefit from good reviews. Were your passengers comfortable? Did they feel safe? Did they comment on a fresh interior? Even if your Dornier 228 fleet is their only travel alternative, you still want to encourage a positive memory and, where customers have choices, you want them to choose to fly with your Dornier 228 instead of booking the long ferry-ride or another airline.

Feeling the difference

A straightforward option for providing your customers with the best possible flight experience may be new seating. As seats are the most prominent visual feature in the interior, as well as the one piece of aircraft equipment that your passengers truly “feel”, seating has a significant influence and contributes to their feeling of well-being and safety.

The good news is, we’ve partnered with aircraft seating experts, AvioInteriors, for the design, development and supply of a new seating model for the Dornier 228. Available as a shipset retrofit for both classic and new production model aircraft, this seating solution reflects the Dornier 228’s inherent versatility and functionality, while ensuring safety, stability and passenger comfort. Your passengers will feel relaxed and secure in a modernized and aesthetically attractive cabin. Your operations will benefit from better positioning amongst customers in your target market, as well as from prompt and readily available shipset sourcing through a reliable supply chain.

The better news for members of our community flying advanced commuter configurations is, the new model has more pragmatic advantages that feature supply chain longevity, extended comfort and weight reduction. Enhanced functionality is achieved with the addition of movable armrests, a welcome change for passenger comfort, with models available in both leather and textile upholstery. State-of-the-art materials and construction enable a lighter unit with a potential weight savings of up to 15kg without emergency equipment and life vests.

Reliable retrofit

The business case for the new seating solution is straightforward, as the existing seating is out of production and no longer available. Recognizing this inevitability, we acted proactively, on your behalf, testing and selecting the new model from a proven supplier.

The new seat solution figures prominently in the cabins of all Dornier 228 advanced commuter variants produced by RUAG since mid-2018. Operator community reviews have been positive so far. Shipsets are readily available for order, requiring only input on configuration, part number, weight and balance,  and payload. Flooring structures remain the same.

Refurbishment of the existing seating does remain possible, however. Our one-stop shop approach, at our OEM facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen, allows you to optimize your Dornier 228’s downtime during its next heavy maintenance visit by including seat refurbishment from our in-house shop (FlyDornier228, issue 2).