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Newsletter, Issue 3...

We’re invested in the success of the Dornier 228 Community

Continuous operations and top performance are measurements of availability, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, your success. FlyDornier 228, Issue 3, proves you have a strong partner in realizing these priorities.

FlyDornier228_Pilot and crew training courses topic1
Enhance pilot and crew performance with unique and customized training courses designed specifically for the Dornier 228, by your Dornier 228 OEM, for best practices in various operating scenarios. Discover more
FlyDornier228_Technical support options for regulatory compliance
Maintain timely operations by sourcing compliance solutions for your Dornier 228 classic aircraft direct from your OEM. Let our supply chain network and engineering services work for you. Discover more
FlyDornier228_Customer Support Manual 2018
Enjoy easy access to the Dornier 228 information and services you need to operate at maximum availability. We’ve updated and expanded this resource documentation. Discover more

More News

  • Follow this link to find out more about your Dornier 228 Customer Support world
  • Customer Support Manual 2018 forms at your fingertips, click here
  • The Dornier228 is a potential platform for the exploration of hybrid electric propulsion (HEP) systems. Read more on LinkedIn.
  • We’re checking our progress with our best critics – You and the Dornier 228 Community! Look for the 2018 Customer Support Survey, coming soon to your email account.